• PHP ^7.0
  • Laravel >= 5.4 | ^6.0

Installing the package

Require the package through composer

$ composer require sassnowski/laravel-shareable-models

Register the Service Provider (Laravel <= 5.4)

Laravel 5.5 introduced auto discovery support. If you are still on 5.4 add the service provider to your config/app.php.

// app/config.php

'providers' => [

Run the provided migration to create the shareable_links table.

$ php artisan migrate

Migrating: 2017_05_21_232515_create_shareable_links_table
Migrated:  2017_05_21_232515_create_shareable_links_table
Migrating: 2017_08_30_200213_add_should_notify_column_to_shareable_links_table.php
Migrated:  2017_08_30_200213_add_should_notify_column_to_shareable_links_table.php
Migrating: 2017_10_02_200213_remove_hash_column_from_shareable_links_table.php
Migrated:  2017_10_02_200213_remove_hash_column_from_shareable_links_table.php

Register the middleware

Add the following line to the $routeMiddleware array in your app/Http/Kernel.phpto register the middleware that comes with this package.

protected $routeMiddleware = [
    'shared' => \Sassnowski\LaravelShareableModel\Http\Middleware\ValidateShareableLink::class,

(Optional) Publish assets

If you want, you can publish the packages assets by running the following command.

php artisan vendor:publish --provider="Sassnowski\LaravelShareableModel\ShareableLinkServiceProvider"

That's it for the basic setup. Let's move on to the interesting part!

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